Spoonie Survival Kits

Little Bags of Happiness for Chronically Ill People!

Living with a chronic illness can be an incredibly lonely and isolating experience. Spoonie Survival Kits are little bags of happiness that contain a range of items that will hopefully help those with long-term conditions to smile, and remind them that they are not alone.

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So far we’ve raised £7,172.22 for various causes and made 1000+ sales in 18 different countries! (September 2020)


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We’re currently developing a new range of kits, tailored specifically to particular conditions and symptoms. Why not treat yourself, or surprise a loved one with their very own Spoonie Survival Kit?

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Everybody who works on the project has a chronic illness, and our health often holds us back from fundraising and promoting our cause as much as we would like to. Therefore, we rely heavily on the kindness of others.

In addition, we offer accessible volunteering opportunities for those with chronic illnesses or disabilities of any nature.

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