(March 2019) – Our Spoonie Survival Kits grand total currently stands at £5417.88!

We’re so honoured to be able to raise funds for a range of deserving UK charities and causes. Here are those we’ve supported so far, and our total raised for them:

fundraising supplies with ssk logo including charity pot, teddy and marshmallowsAction For ME: £1128.00

ME Association: £667.60

Fibromyalgia Action UK: £500.00

POTS UK: £500.00

Project Parent: £734.53

EDS Support UK: £500.00

ME Support: £82.45

Crohns and Colitis UK: £500.00

Smile For ME: £500.00

Endometriosis UK: £304.30

Fifty percent of funds from every sale we make is donated to charity, with the remaining fifty percent helping us to sustain the enterprise. Every sale makes a difference, so why not treat yourself today? Go on, head on over to our Etsy shop now!