Spoonie Survival Kits

New Charity: Ehlers-Danlos Support UK!

We are over the moon to have hit our fundraising target of £500 for POTS UK! Many thanks to Morwenna for all her fundraising support, and to everybody who works within the charity for all the amazing work you do. We hope our donation helps! That brings our overall total raised to £3500, and we’re …

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Spoonie Survival Kits

2016 Round-Up: Spoonie Survival Kits

On behalf of SSK, I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everybody who’s supported us this year, whether that’s through buying a kit, fundraising for us, or simply spreading the word about what we do… we appreciate it more than you know! 2016 has been a fab year for us and so we wanted to put …

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Spoonie Survival Kits

Why ‘Spoonie’ Survival Kits?

One question we often get asked is the meaning of the word ‘Spoonie’. Those of us who have been in the chronic illness community for a long time often forget that it isn’t actually a part of others’ everyday vocabulary, so here we’ve put together a short explanation of where the word ‘Spoonie’ comes from, …

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