SSK Annual Wrap-Up 2019: Total Raised and New Chosen Charity!

Wow. Are we seriously at this time of the year again?!

I’d like to keep our annual round-up post short and sweet this year, highlighting some of our achievements and also sharing a few thoughts and reflections for the New Year. So let’s get on with it, shall we?

  • 2019 began with an interview on BBC Radio Sheffield, discussing ME/CFS awareness and Spoonie Survival Kits with Sam and Leesh. I believe you can still listen to the segment here, around 11.35, if you’re interested!


  • We then announced that our first chosen cause of the year, for January – March 2019, would be Endometriosis UK. Over this three-month period, we raised £304.30: the equivalent of funding training for six new operators for their helpline!


  • Also at the beginning of the year, we released our lilac organza bag tied at the top, on top of shredded lilac tissue paperbespoke Insomnia Spoonie Survival Kits, designed toprovide comfort for fellow night owls. The Kits also featured (and still feature) a generous gift from the team at Pzizz!



  • Our second chosen cause, for April – June 2019 was announced as ME Research UK. Over this period, we raised £322.30 to support their charity’s work to commission and fund high-quality scientific (biomedical) investigation into ME/CFS.


  • In June, we celebrated our charity book’s first birthday. Releasing Dear Chronic Illness with support from Wallace Publishing is still one of our proudest achievements, and all our royalties fund Spoonie Survival Kits.


  • Time flew by, and before we knew it, we were on to our third chosen charity of the year: CP Teens UK, run by Ellie Simpson. Over July – September 2019, we raised £141.42 to support the charity’s aims of providing hope and friendship for young people with Cerebral Palsy.


  • From here, things temporarily quietened down, as weprepared for one of the most exciting releases we’ve ever had… with the help of a generous donation from the Duveen Trust, who’ve championed SSK right from the very beginning.


  • Shortly before this release, we announced that for the remainder of 2019, our chosen cause would in fact be two organisations close to our heart: Smile For ME and Project Parent, who would each receive an even split of funds raised by SSK.


  • On the 13th October 2019, our 30 bespoke Spoonie Advent Calendars went live. You can read all about their
    danni in hospital bed, holding soft toys with spoonie advent calendar and gift positioned next to her, smiling
    Twitter user Danni enjoying her Spoonie Advent Calendar! Image Credits: @Dannilion

    creation (a process that took over 11 months!) here, and to say we were pleased with the response would be an understatement. The entire lot sold out within two hours!


  • And thanks to some hefty sales over a short period of time, towards the end of October, we hit another milestone: our 1000th order was placed and dispatched… with the lucky number 1000 including a celebratory extra little gift in for the recipient, of course!


  • Something that really made us smile in November was our charity book Dear Chronic Illness being included in Zoe Collins’ book video, all about her favourite reads around chronic illness. You can watch the video and hear her kind words here!


  • And that brings us to the end of the year, where our combined final total raised for Smile for ME and Project Parent was £908.76. This means each of these causes received £454.38 in total. Yay!

So, drum roll please…

After this year’s efforts, I’m so pleased to share that our all-time total raised for charity by Spoonie Survival Kits now stands at £6790.36. WOAH.

Here’s a breakdown of all the causes we’ve supported, and how much we’ve raised for them, over the last few years…

Action for ME: £1128.00

ME Association: £667.60

Fibromyalgia Action UK: £500.00

POTS UK: £500.00

Project Parent: £1188.91

Ehlers-Danlos Support UK: £500.00

ME Support: £82.45

Crohns and Colitis UK: £500.00

Smile For ME: £954.38

Endometriosis UK: £304.30

ME Research UK: £322.30

CP Teens UK: £141.42

Total: £6790.36

Now, we thought we’d share next year’s first chosen cause a little earlier this time around, because the story of this next charity actually ties in with our Spoonie Advent Calendars. If you were lucky enough to receive one of our bespoke Advent Calendars, you may have noticed the gorgeous wooden engraved numbers attached to each gift. Each and every one of these numbers was generously donated by the team at Laser Cut Delights, and in return, we honoured their request of choosing our next cause to fundraise for.

Therefore, our next chosen cause will be in honour of a little girl called Bethany, part of the family who run Laser Cut Delights. Bethany has Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, a genetic condition that results in Adrenal Insufficiency. The family put us in touch with Professor Peter Hindmarsh, a leading researcher in the field, who in turn introduced us to CAH Is Us: a charity working to raise awareness, fund research and provide support to individuals and families.

So, I’m thrilled to share that from January- March 2020, CAH Is Us will be our nominated cause, with fifty percent of all sales income being donated to support their work. We’re also preparing Bethany a bespoke Spoonie Survival Kit as we speak, to once again thank Laser Cut Delights for their generous donation. Acts of kindness are the way forward, guys!

Thank you so much as always to each and every person who has supported us this year, whether that’s through purchasing one of our goodies, or simply spreading the word. Your kindness and good vibes really do make all the difference, and I can’t wait to see what 2020 holds!

Love and hugs,

Pippa x

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