Introducing… SSK’s Spoonie Advent Calendar!

two christmas stockings with 12 wrapped gifts in centre

Oh guys. Where do I even start with this one?

Creating a bespoke Spoonie Advent Calendar is an idea that’s been in the back of my mind ever since Spoonie Survival Kits came to fruition, but the feasibility of making it actually happen was something I questioned.

However, during November 2018, whilst riding on a high from the success of last year’s Christmas Range, I decided that 2019 would be the year that this Spoonie Advent Calendar finally happened. Fast forward 11 months, a huge deal of help and support, multiple email chains and just the one small mental breakdown, I can’t believe we’re here, launching the finished product. We did it!

three red and brown wrapped gifts on white shredded tissueSo, let me tell you a bit about the Advent Calendar. Packaged inside a handmade, reusable Christmas stocking which comes in two designs, we have twelve individually wrapped advent gifts, lifestyle-orientated, all chosen with chronically ill people in mind. Ten of these items have been supplied by chronically ill crafters and entrepreneurs, who have all been paid for their contributions (or donated their pay back into SSK). The remaining two items are yummy consumables from socially conscious brands: both vegan, and gluten and dairy-free. Each of the 12 items are cruelty-free, and the entire process has been conducted as ethically and sustainably as possible.

We have a limited number of thirty Spoonie Advent Calendars available, which will be available in the UK only and priced at £35.00 each, despite the total online value of the products inside being over £60.00. Fifty percent of proceeds from each sale will be split between two non-profit chronic illness causes very close to my heart: Project Parent and Smile for ME. The remaining funds will, as always, be put back into sustaining Spoonie Survival Kits. Due to the value and almost indescribable amount of work that’s gone into each one of these Advent Calendars, postage of each order will be Royal Mail second class signed for (£4.50): details of this can be found on the Etsy listing, when it goes live.

white box holding green stocking and red tissue paperAs you may imagine, a project like this simply doesn’t happen overnight, and so I have some wholehearted thanks to give. First and foremost, this project simply wouldn’t have been possible without The Duveen Trust. This was the second grant I’d pitched for with the organisation, and without their wholehearted support with the project, it simply wouldn’t have been financially viable. Their generosity made these Advent Calendars happen. Sadly, following the passing of founder Alan Greenbat OBE, The Duveen Trust will soon be closing; after 34 years of funding young people’s social endeavours and making dreams come true. It goes without saying, but I’m eternally grateful for the organisation’s support and encouragement, and I hope this project embodies all that they represent and does the Trustees proud.

Sincere thanks must also be given to each and every crafter and entrepreneur involved with this project: it was a joy to work with each of you, and I’m so thankful for your support, accommodations, and for helping me to keep this endeavour a secret. I won’t name each of the entrepreneurs now or give you any clues about the contents here, but I’m sure you’ll hear/ see posts coming from them in the near future!

laser cut wooden number one attached to parcelA particular mention must go to Laser Cut Delights for designing our bespoke and reusable wooden numbers for each item, and for generously donating all 300+ of these. In return for this kindness, we will be honouring a fundraising request of theirs during the beginning of 2020, all in the name of a very special little girl who was the reason for their act of generosity towards us. It’s safe to say we’ll be paying it forward: keep an eye on our social media in January to find out more about that one!

And finally, as always, a huge thank you must go to my parents for not only tolerating but actively encouraging these wacky ideas of mine, as well as ensuring that pulling them off is as physically doable as possible for me. I cannot begin to tell you how much time and energy has gone into making this happen, not just from me but from those around me too. My mum in particular has given an indescribable amount of time and energy to this project and again, it simply wouldn’t have been possible without her. Tolerating a completely wiped-out, dictator-ish shell of a human being covered in glitter and surrounded by Christmas decorations in May can’t be particularly fun for those around me, so I really am grateful for their ongoing support and patience.

pippa holding up green stocking and smilingOh guys. I am so excited to share these Spoonie Advent Calendars and all that they represent, and I really hope you love them as much as I do. Supply is limited and our Christmas items tend to sell out incredibly quickly, so we kindly ask that orders are restricted to one per person. These Advent Calendars are in place of our annual Christmas Kits this year, and this likely will be a one-time only project from us, so be sure to nab one while you can. I’m pleased to share that they’ll be live on our Etsy page from this coming Sunday (13/10/19) at 10.30am DST, and I cannot wait for each of them to find a new home with you. Squeeeee!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support, and here’s to making the most of the festive season whilst supporting some wonderful causes at the same time. Merry October, gang!

Love and hugs,

Pippa x

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