Introducing… Insomnia Spoonie Survival Kits!

Introducing… the INSOMNIA SPOONIE SURVIVAL KIT! Shop now by clicking here!

These Kits are something we’ve wanted to create for such a long time. Insomnia is (in my opinion!) hands-down one of the most frustrating symptoms of chronic illness, and I hope these Kits will provide a little bit of support and comfort to any fellow night owls who might be feeling low.

lilac organza bag tied at the top, on top of shredded lilac tissue paper

We keep the contents of our Kits a secret, so the recipient has the experience of opening a surprise gift, however we’re delighted to share that these Kits contain an incredibly generous voucher thanks to the awesome team at Pzizz, giving you a YEAR’S free trial of the Pzizz app (worth around £39.00!). The app, available of Apple and Google Play, uses psychoacoustic principles designed to help you fall asleep and wake up feeling more refreshed: something that I’m sure wouldn’t go amiss for a lot of you guys too! Find out more about the app on the Pzizz website here.

We’re so eternally grateful for the support of Pzizz, and hope you love these Kits as much as we do: all I’ll say is that our fabulous volunteer crafters have outdone themselves with this one!

Each of our Insomnia Kits contain the same items, however the designs of the individual items within the Kits may vary. We like to keep the contents of our Kits a secret, so the recipient has the experience of opening up a surprise gift upon receiving it in the post. However, if you have any questions about the Kits, or would prefer to know the contents before purchasing, just drop me an email: we’ll be happy to send you the ‘contents card’ included in the kits themselves, so you have a better idea of what they contain.

Please note that the Kits are lifestyle-oriented; they contain items that aim to hopefully make your day more comfortable and enjoyable, rather than alleviate your symptoms from a medical perspective. As much as we would like them to, these Kits will not magically cure your symptoms. If you have any concerns about your medical condition, please speak to a professional involved in your care.

Fifty per cent of sales money from these items will be donated to a chronic illness charity: please see our social media for our current chosen cause!

Fancy one for yourself? Shop Spoonie Survival Kits now!

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