Endometriosis UK: Our First Chosen Charity for 2019!

Belated Happy New Year, lovelies! Thank you SO much for the kind words and lovely reviews on items received over Christmas- we’re so pleased you loved the 2018 Christmas Kits as much as we did.

We’re pleased to share the Spoonie Survival Kits is now up and running again for 2019, and we have a fair few exciting updates coming your way…

So to begin with, are you ready for our new chosen charity? We’re pleased to share that the first cause we’ll be fundraising for this year is Endometriosis UK! We’re SO looking forward to working with them and supporting the brilliant things they do, and by shopping Spoonie Survival Kits you’ll be directly contributing to their cause.

endometriosis uk pink circular logo
Image Credits: Endometriosis UK

In the past you may recall that we set individual fundraising targets for each of the charities we worked with, and fundraised for the amount of time necessary until we met that amount.  However, this year we’re changing things up and allocating specific timeframes instead, striving to raise as much as we can within that time. So, for the next three months, 50% of ALL our income from Spoonie Survival Kits will be donated to Endometriosis UK, unless we hit the magical £500.00 mark before then. And remember, there’s a brand new Kit and a brand new accessory coming in the very near future too. 2019, let’s do this.

Shop Spoonie Survival Kits now here! / Find out more about Endometriosis UK here!

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