A record-breaking November, and fundraising for December!

Well, here’s a post which I didn’t expect to be writing so soon!

Thanks to you guys and your wonderful support, November 2018 was our most successful month to-date. It’s been absolutely hectic keeping on top of orders all month, but it was only when I sat down to do our finances this morning that I realised just what a thriving month it’s been.

The consequence of that is, and I still can’t believe I’m saying this, we hit our fundraising target for Smile For ME in less than two months! They’ve been so brilliant to work with, and thanks to everybody’s support, we’ve donated £500.00 to help support Alice and Gracey’s brilliant cause.

So, what happens now? Because we don’t yet have our next chosen charity lined up and ready to go as we usually would, and because we usually take a few weeks off after Christmas to get back on top of things, we decided that we would begin our next partnership with a charity in January, when we re-open. So… I’m pleased to share that for the rest of 2018, our chosen cause is Project Parent!

blue label reading 'project parent' in white lettering
Image Credits: Project Parent

We raised £450.00 for Project Parent back in 2016 and wanted to add to that total, especially with it being such a fitting cause at this time of year. You can find out more about Kate’s story and Project Parent on their website: it’s been an absolute privilege to see how their project has expanded and touched so many people in their time of need. It’s such a deserving cause run by such a dedicated team, and you can support them directly by shopping with Spoonie Survival Kits. We only have a handful of our bespoke Christmas Kits left, but you can still purchase our other lovely Kits and accessories on our Etsy page. Remember, 50% of sales money from every purchase will be donated to Project Parent!

I really hope you don’t get sick of me saying it, because it always rings so true: I am so grateful for you. To each and every person who’s purchased something from SSK or spread the word about what we’re doing, you’ve made it all so worthwhile. It hasn’t been the easiest year to keep on top of everything, but knowing that what we do genuinely makes a difference makes it all 100% worth it. Thank you for giving us our most successful month ever, and thank you for being here. You are awesome.

Huge love and hugs,


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