GIVEAWAY TIME- win a Spoonie Survival Kit and a copy of Dear Chronic Illness!

spoonie survival kit propped up next to copy of dear chronic illness, and thanj you card

So… anybody fancy a Spoonie Survival Kits giveaway? We’ve really been feeling the love and good vibes over at SSK HQ, so there’s never been a better time to show our appreciation for all your support. We have a bespoke Spoonie Survival Kit and a copy of our charity book Dear Chronic Illness up for grabs, and plenty of chances to enter!

Each of the following counts as one entry (and we’ll be checking!) so feel free to do as many or as few as you like:

That’s a grand total of eight opportunities to win! Sound good? Let’s do this! But first, please take a moment to read the all-important T&Cs…

  • The giveaway will run for two weeks, from 16/10/18 to 30/10/18
  • This particular giveaway is open internationally
  • One winner will be chosen from entries pooled across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • The bespoke Spoonie Survival Kit in this prize is NOT one of our Chronic Fatigue/Pain SSKs currently live on Etsy, but a completely unique parcel, similar to our very first original SSKs. However, some of the items included are from our current kits, and others are brand new items that you’ll be seeing in future kits. We’d also like to thank our new friends at BubbleKitty for their very secret but VERY gorgeous contribution…
  • This giveaway is open to all, however we’ll be checking with the chosen winner that they’re either a) an individual affected by chronic illness e.g. a patient or carer, or b) entering on behalf of somebody who is. We intend to make sure the prize goes to somebody who will really appreciate it!

That’s all from me… very best of luck to all who enter, and thank you SO much for your continued support!

Love and hugs,

Pippa x

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