Project Spoonie Valentine Gift Swap 2018

Hi everyone,

We’ve been super busy packing up orders and working on some new surprises over here at SSK, hence why we’ve been a little quiet on social media lately!

However, I wanted to say a (very belated!) thank you to those of you who took part in our Project Spoonie Valentine Swap with Project Parent last month! Here are just a couple of images of the gorgeous surprises people received from taking part in the gift swap, whilst simultaneously sharing the love and helping us to raise some much needed funds too. Thank you all for your support!

mermaid and unicorn themed pink and blue gifts displayed on a crochet blanket
Image by @cottagedarkbat


book, bookish accessories, chocolate bar and tea
Image by @chronicpain_andme


Images by Instagram users @cottagedarkbat and @chronicpain_andme.

Love and hugs,

Spoonie Survival Kits x


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