Fundraising: Project Spoonie Valentine

This year, we teamed up with Project Parent to do something a bit different this Valentines Day. We wanted to host an event that not only would raise funds for our projects, but also help to share some love around the chronic illness community at what can be a challenging time of year for many. After a bit of thinking, we came up with Project Spoonie Valentine. We invited people to submit their details for a gift swap, with each person being allocated somebody else to send a gift to. Everybody filled out a form to ensure that what people bought for them would be suitable, and we set a spend limit of £5-7.50. We then asked people to make a £2 donation to support Project Parent and Spoonie Survival Kits, and that also bought them an entry into our Valentines Day Hamper raffle. Congratulations to Rebeccah Prince who won the prize!

Both projects are pleased with how the event went, as we raised £33.50 for each of our causes. However, best of all was seeing people’s reactions on the Facebook event page on Valentines Day and having a nosey at everybody’s gifts… there were some really unique ideas and everything looked gorgeous. Hopefully we’ll be able to host the event again next year, perhaps on a larger scale if we can manage it, and be able to spread even more good vibes!

Thank you to everybody who took part and showed their support, and special thanks to Kate from Project Parent who single-handedly organised the entire thing and made things so much easier on me, despite being poorly herself. Hope you guys all had a great Valentines Day and managed to treat yourselves… you deserve it!

Love and hugs,

Some of the gift-swap goodies posted on our event page on Valentines Day:

Photo by Facebook user Katie Moore
Photo by Facebook user Caroline Appleton
Photo by Facebook user Charlotte Thompson
Photo by Facebook user Kate Elliott


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