Our Trip To The House of Commons!

trip to the house of commons

As some of you know, I (Pippa) was invited by Action For M.E to their super fancy private reception on behalf of Spoonie Survival Kits this past week… which just so happened to be at Speakers House at the House of Commons in London! The reception was to launch the charity’s 5 year plan (which focusses on ‘highlighting the ignorance, injustice and neglect experienced by people with M.E’) and bring together people from the charity, the media, professionals, fundraisers and supporters.

Action For M.E was the very first charity that SSK fundraised for, and we hit our target of £1000 for them last year. As all of us volunteers have M.E, this charity was an important one for us and so it was ace to be asked to go along and pretend to be all classy and fancy for an evening. Note the word pretend; I had a McDonalds on the way home…

It was super lovely to be in a room full of people who all cared about M.E, and I got to meet some of my lovely online friends who also have M.E. It was also a fab opportunity to spread the word about SSK, although it was such a nice surprise to see how many people had already heard of it! Here’s to continuing to raise money to support charities in the amazing work they do!

Find out more about the event/ Action For M.E here: goo.gl/Rl3fTk or check out Emily Beardall’s blog for a more detailed description of the evening here: goo.gl/HEbv6L

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