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Spoonie Survival Kits

Hey everyone,

Welcome to our new Spoonie Survival Kits blog! We’ll hopefully be using this space to keep you guys up to date on all our fundraising and SSK shenanigans.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, here’s a little about what we do. We create Spoonie Survival Kits, little bags of happiness for chronic illness sufferers. Each kit is unique and they come in a range of colours and sizes, but all are designed to help those with chronic illnesses to smile, and remind them that they’re not alone and that somebody cares. The kits are sold online through Etsy, with all sales money going back into charitable causes: 25% goes towards the costs of sustaining the project, and 75% goes to a chronic illness charity.

As of now (22nd June 2016), we have raised…

  • £1000 for Action For M.E
  • £500 for M.E Association (plus an extra £167.60 for M.E Awareness Day 2016)
  • £500 for Fibromyalgia UK

As well as fundraising, we also strive to offer accessible volunteering opportunities for people with chronic illnesses or other disabilities. We currently have ‘full time’ volunteers with M.E running the website, designing graphics, creating additional chronic illness merchandise and handling administration, who do so beautifully despite their debilitating health conditions. As well as this, we offer flexible volunteering opportunities with no time constraints for people who want to create items for the kits, such as eye-masks, heat bags, art cards, soft toys and more. The number of people with chronic illnesses who have come forward to volunteer after hearing about the project just goes to show how empathetic the chronic illness community is: even in spite of their own suffering, people want to do what they can to help.

We have plenty of ideas and so many upcoming plans, and we’d love for you to be a part of them! Be sure to keep an eye on this blog and our social media to be kept up to date on our kits and other endeavours, and if you’d like to get involved or support us, please get in touch at spooniesurvivalkits@gmail.com and we can have a chat!

Love, hugs and spoons

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